Can Dish Washer Machine clean Utensils

Dish Washer Machine 

  • The dishwasher, being a machine will clean the dishes better than when done manually
  •  With its various settings, you can even remove tough stains from the dishes
  • Hygiene – The dishwasher uses warm water to wash the dishes. That means it kills the germs while cleaning the utensils


How Does the dishwasher work?

  • The hot water and detergent are sprayed by the rotating arms around the dishwasher, cleaning off dirt and debris. The dirty water is drained away
  • Fresh water is added to rinse the dishes
  • The rinse water is drained and the dishes are dried using residual heat inside the appliance.

Parts of Dishwasher

  • Parts of the dishwasher is given below

Is buying Dishwasher worthful as a washing machine?

Advantage of Dishwasher 

  • To save both water and energy consumption, dishwashers are much more efficient than hand-washing dishes. 
  • It takes less for cleaning of small items like cups and dishes which are in large quantity



Disadvantage of Dishwasher 

  • For small families, handwashing is more wasteful than running a small load
  • According to a recent study by the detergent brand Cascade, it takes the average person about 15 seconds to handwash a dish
  • A dishwasher can not clean very dirty utensils like pans used for fried food items, overheated dishes, hard-cooked pots


  • Dishwashers have approximately 30-50  liters of water per load
  • New standard-sized Energy efficient  dishwashers use less than 15 gallons for every load
  •  They are designed to heat and use the exact amount of water they need to clean dishes


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