Welcome to the Home Technology Grow website. On this website, we will learn about home technology and kitchen appliances. Ventilation and air conditioning, solar energy, Microwave, and induction will be presented on this website. Revolutionized cooking by heating food will be fuelled by smart appliances for energy saving. Due to the evolution of technology, there are a lot of changes in human life. These are transformed by purchasing home or kitchen appliances like microwaves, digital TV, and ACs with digital inverters.


Hometechgrow (HTG) is the brainchild of our team of engineering experts to provide online solutions on home-related issues in energy, electrical, and home appliances. Using techniques you can make your home more comfortable with a happy life.  This website will help with the selection of essential items that are not easy from online shopping platforms based on technical analysis. Mr. D.L. Jadhav sir also helped to provide valuable suggestions for the scope of biomass energy in cooking.

What is the future of kitchen technology?

In Kitchens, we use energy-centric devices for making food. Electricity and LPG gas are major sources of energy for kitchens in urban areas. In rural areas, biomass gas or wooden stoves is used nowadays for cooking.  

This website exposes various home technologies used in home appliances for better human life.


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How can we select the best technique in our home for a better life?

  • The LPG gas stove has been replaced in lieu of a kerosene stove
  • Biomass gas stoves rather than wooden stoves in rural areas
  • The washing machine of the vertical drum is replaced with a horizontal automatic and low water consumption

What is the future of kitchen technology?

  • There is a huge demand for kitchen appliances
  • Less effort and fast cooking will be done
  • Less capital and less  time consumption and healthy cooking 
  • Less pollution and noise
  • Automated or programmable devices to save energy and effort

Why Home Technology Grow

  • Find the best technology for home or kitchen appliances
  • Which technique or device will save energy 
  • how can make the better ambiance in the home and kitchen
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective solution based on science, engineering, and technology
  • Guideline and understanding for the selection of home appliances
  • Best to buy online or offline
  • Engineering or Technical support at an affordable rate