Advantages and Disadvantages of Ola S1 Pro with User Experience

Advantages of Ola S1 Pro:

  • Performance: Powerful acceleration and a top speed of 115 mph, making it one of the fastest electric scooters in India.


  •  Decent range of around 101 km on a single charge, suitable for most commutes.
  • Technology and Features: Advanced features like cruise control, hyper mode, voice control, and connected app with diagnostics and ride data.
  • Design and Build: Modern and sporty design with good build quality and premium materials.


  • The cost of this is Rs.147,0000
  • As per current inputs, average running cost for OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 is ₹ 0.20 per km.
  • Relatively competitive price compared to other high-performance electric scooters.

Electric Performance:

  • Quiet and eco-friendly operation.
  • Potential cost savings on fuel due to electric power.

Design and Build Quality:

  • Attractive design and build quality.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable for urban commuting.

Technology Features:

  • Smart features like app connectivity for tracking and monitoring.
  • Advanced safety features such as anti-theft alarms.

Cost Savings:

  • Lower maintenance costs compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.
  • Possible government incentives or subsidies for electric vehicles.

Environmental Impact:

    • Reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional vehicles.
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Disadvantages of Ola S1 Pro:

Initial Quality Issues: 

  • Some early buyers reported quality issues like wobbling, panel gaps, and software glitches. However, Ola claims to have addressed these issues in later batches.
  • including charging problems
  • Suspension Issues: Some users have reported a stiff suspension setup, which can be uncomfortable on rough roads.
  • App Issues: The Ola app has faced some criticism for bugs and connectivity issues.
  • automatic shutdowns, posing serious safety risks
Advantages and disadvantages of ola s1 pro
Advantages and disadvantages of ola s1 pro

Service Network

  • : The service network is still growing compared to established brands like Ather, which may lead to longer wait times and inconvenience.

Limited Storage:

  • Under-seat storage space is limited, which may be a concern for some riders.

High Charging time

  • Standard charging of this battery takes 6 to 7  hours

Nonportable battery

  • The  Ola scooter does not come with a removable battery pack.
  • Range Limitations:
  • Limited range per charge may be a concern for some users.
  • Charging Infrastructure:
  • Dependence on charging infrastructure, which may be limited in some areas.

Initial Cost:

  • Higher upfront cost compared to some conventional scooters.
  • Battery cost of ola S1 & ola S1 pro. Ola S1 pro – 87298 /- Rs.
  • The Ola S1’s 2.98 kWh battery pack costs Rs 66,549.
  • The Ola S1 Pro, on the other hand, uses a 3.97 kWh battery pack, one that costs Rs 87,298

Battery Degradation:

  • Over time, the battery’s capacity may degrade, affecting range.
  • S1 Pro comes with a battery warranty of 3 years/unlimited kilometer.
  • The scooter itself has a warranty of 3 years/ 40,000km.
  • They also offer an extended warranty of 2 years for the battery and vehicle
  •  Battery will not have any issues for  approximately 5-6 years
  • Electric scooters may have lower top speeds compared to some traditional scooters.


  • Any new service is subject to trial & error.
  • The Ola Bike service is a new service which is not yet tested enough to be launched in India.

Imbalanced Suspension

  • Some users have reported a stiff suspension setup, which can be uncomfortable on rough roads.
Electric Scooter Ola S1 Pro disadvantages

Limited Leg space

  • The space in scooty can not be used to carry a water bottle of 20 litre or gas cylinder

Built Quality and Inferior Painting  Issues

  • Build quality: Some early buyers reported quality issues like wobbling, panel gaps, and software glitches
  • The paint quality is not good and easily color is down after carrying items due to scratches

Application Issues

  • App issues: The Ola app has faced some criticism for bugs and connectivity issues, including automatic shutdowns.
  • BMS bugs: The vehicle shows the wrong battery percentage and has a buggy BMS, so you cannot trust the range the scooter shows.

Heating of Battery

  • Overheating issue: If you have to climb a steep incline, the battery will get overheated if the incline is very high and switch to eco mode.
  • Higher heating can lead to the firing of the battery. You can refer to the post.



Remark on Ola S1 Pro

  • Overall, the Ola S1 Pro is a compelling option for riders who prioritize performance, technology, and design at a competitive price.
  • However, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks, particularly the reported initial quality issues and limited service network, before making a decision.
  • For accurate and specific information on the Ola S1 Pro, please refer to recent user reviews, expert opinions, and the latest specifications provided by Ola Electric or authorized dealers.

  • Here are some additional factors to consider:
  • Your riding needs and preferences: Do you prioritize speed and range, or are features and design more important to you?
  • Budget: Can you afford the S1 Pro and the potential cost of additional accessories or repairs?
  • Availability: Is the S1 Pro readily available in your area, and how long will it take to get it delivered?

User Experience:

  1. Range Anxiety:
    • Users might experience anxiety about the scooter’s range and the availability of charging stations.
  2. Charging Experience:
    • Feedback on the ease and convenience of charging the scooter.
  3. Performance:
    • User opinions on acceleration, handling, and overall performance.
  4. Build Quality and Durability:
    • Long-term user experiences regarding the scooter’s build quality and durability.
  5. Customer Support:
    • Feedback on the manufacturer’s customer support and service.

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