Benefits of Kitchen Chimney and Its Working Principle

What is a Kitchen Chimney or kitchen hood?

  • it is ducting fitted right above the gas stove in the kitchen as shown in the post.
  • During cooking oil, smoke, steam, and odor are generated during cooking. These things flow upward through the ducting
  • The oil gets trapped in the oil collectors but   smoke, steam, smoke/ black particles, and heat is exhausted  of the kitchen through the duct



Working Principle of Kitchen Chimeny

  • Chimneys operate based on the principle of natural circulation that hot(low-density)  air rises upward and cold air pushes hot air inside the chimney
  •  When a chimney is filled with hot smoke or other gases, these gases rise up through the chimney
  • The hot rising gas creates a pressure difference known as a draft which pulls combustion gases out of the building.

What are the benefits of a Kitchen hood? 

  • It is useful for your home to exhaust  smoke and fumes generated from gas stoves or cooking
  • Keeps the kitchen air clean and odorless
  • Chimneys help recirculation of fresh air inside the kitchen
  • Reduces the amount of heat while cooking: …
  • Adds a style quotient.
  • Make kitchen working more healthy and reliable



Where Kitchen Chimney is Installed?

  • The kitchen chimney is installed just above the gas stove
  • A sufficient draft must be provided to create low pressure in the duct using the fam to exhaust all flue gases
  • A filter is fitted at the inlet to remove smoke and oil particles


  • Installation of the chimney is shown below
Installation of kitchen chimney
Installation of kitchen chimney